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Statement by the Canadian Steel Producers Association on the 2021 Federal Budget

OTTAWA, April 19, 2021 -- Following the tabling of the 2021 federal budget, Catherine Cobden, President and CEO of the Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) released the following statement:

“The CSPA would like to thank the Government of Canada for its efforts in the fight against COVID-19. We appreciate the commitments laid out in today’s budget aimed both at helping businesses and workers to get through the devastating impacts of the pandemic, while also setting the stage for our long-term recovery and success.”

“CSPA members are ready to work on the priorities outlined in today’s budget to strengthen Canada’s resiliency and to build a greener and more innovative economy. While we produce some of the greenest steel in the world, we need partnerships and financial support to achieve our goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Today’s announcement of additional funding to the Net Zero Accelerator, together with new tax measures to support the adoption of innovative technologies such as carbon capture utilization/storage and hydrogen, will provide a strong foundation for this transformational agenda.”

“Furthermore, we are pleased to see consultations launched on new measures to mitigate the adverse impacts of unfairly traded steel on our domestic producers, as well as additional resources announced to bolster monitoring of imports. Strengthening Canada’s trade remedy regime could not come at a more urgent time as we face unprecedented global steel overcapacity.”

“As we collectively weather the ongoing business uncertainty created by the pandemic, today’s budget will help Canadian steel producers fend off threatening unfair steel trade, support our participation in Canada’s economic recovery, and assist us in our long-term journey towards net zero. We thank the Government of Canada for the measures announced today and look forward to continuing to work together to drive Canada’s competitiveness and long-term economic prosperity.”

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